mom or mum

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Mum | Definition of Mum by Merriam-Webster

Mum definition is - silent. How to use mum in a sentence. Adjective. Id like to know how much they paid, but theyve been mum on that subject. kept mum about the surprise bridal shower

Mum or Mom (or Mam)?! | Unravel Magazine

The verb "to mother" means to procreate or to sire a child from which also derives the noun "mothering". Related terms of endearment are mom (mama, mommy), mum, mumsy, mamacita (ma, mam) and mammy. A female role model that children can look up to is sometimes referred to as a mother-figure

Do you say mom or mum? | Yahoo Answers

There is a great deal of regionalism in Canada with writing of some words and pronounciation of such. However, I find most Canadians spell the word "Mom" but the pronounciation is less of a strong "o" sound than Americans (where it tends to sound like "Mahm") would have it and it sounds much more like the British "Mum".

Mom or Mum – What’s the Difference? - Writing Explained
mom or mum

His mother, Dana, let Ian know what was going on. Ian went into the stands to check on his dad, who was being attended to by emergency medical personnel. [Deseret News] For a while, neither Dad nor I felt much like picking up the phone. Then, two years after we lost Mom, I was home for Christmas and saw Match.com installed on Dad’s phone.

Mom vs mom – Correct Spelling – Grammarist

mum definition: 1. a mother: 2. to say nothing about a subject: 3. silent in order not to tell anyone what you…. Learn more.

Mum - definition of mum by The Free Dictionary

If an article or pronoun is there, don’t capitalize (e.g., your mother is pretty). If there is no article or pronoun, then the word is being used as a proper noun and is capitalized (e.g., that dress looks good on Mom ).

word choice - Which is the correct spelling of mom/mum in

Americans pronounce “mom” as / mɑːm / (with the same vowel as in “father”), while the British pronounce “mum” as / mʌm / (with the same vowel as in the word “but”). There are also a handful of British dialects in which the word “mom” (not “mum”) is used, pronounced / mɒm / (with a …

Mother - Wikipedia
mom or mum

When to Use Mum. As an adjective, mum is a synonym of silent, like in the phrase mum’s the word. As a noun, mum has two meanings. A mum is a type of flower often grown for decorative purposes. It is also an alternative spelling of mom, where it means mother. Mom is more common in American English, while mum is more common in British English.

Mom or Mum – What’s the Difference? - Writing Explained

Define mum. mum synonyms, mum pronunciation, mum translation, English dictionary definition of mum. adj. Not verbalizing; silent. interj. Used as a command to stop speaking. [1350–1400; Middle English mommen, v. use of mom mum 1] mum 3 (mʌm) n. chrysanthemum. [1920–25; shortened form] mum 4 (mʌm) n. Chiefly Brit. mother 1 (defs. 1, 2

Difference between “mum” and “mom” in English
mom or mum

‘Like his mum - and her mother before her - Tom suffers from aura migraines.’ ‘His mum was a single mother who had a succession of boyfriends, none of whom were able to act as a father figure to him or his sister Denise.’ ‘She wasnt my real mother - my real mum died when she had me - …

Videos of mom or mum

mom (noun) North American term for mum. While Cambridge concur that mom is an American spelling of the equivalent mum: - mom noun /mɒm/ us /mɑːm/ US informal UK mum

Mom vs mom – Correct Spelling – Grammarist

Google Ngrams graph for ‘mom’, ‘mum’, and ‘mam’ Google has a tool called Ngrams that charts word usage in 5.2 million books between the years 1500 and 2008. The Ngram graphs are records of written and predetermined words as opposed to daily, unpredictable speech.